Developing technologies to make the world wiser

MIND.WORLD is the corporate structure set up in 2016 to govern and drive the development of Steering Cognition-based technologies. The company is incorporated with limited liabilities in the UK to develop work streams in education, health, social research and business. At its formation, the company incorporated the intellectual property of Human Ecology Ltd.


In 2016, MIND.WORLD established Mind.World Education to develop a range of tools designed to screen, track and improve steering cognition in education. These include


AS Tracking – used in more than 50 leading UK independent schools to improve pupil mental health


CAS Tracking –
a tool to be launched in 2018 to improve work-readiness in graduates by training their metacognitive skills


Footprints – a powerful PSHE curriculum to train children in better mental health in KS2.


Technologies are developed within a large, ongoing quantitative research programme.









MIND.WORLD hosts the world’s first dedicated data river of uniquely human cognition.


Our academically-evidenced singular data model, standardised interoperable assessment procedure, tested through more than 100,000 trials within multiple sectors, can provide a reliable flow of uniquely human cognition data. Analysing our data river, we can detect and track previously hidden factors that shape population behaviour.


“The internal consistency and quality of our measurement technology allows us to detect, analyse and interpret small adjustments in Steering Cognition across large populations, identifying previously hidden factors affecting human outcomes.”


Dr Simon Walker, Director of Research


MIND.WORLD provides rapid, near real-time analytics of Steering Cognition data for end users. We develop User Interfaces for schools and businesses, which harvest Steering Cognition data, run real-time data analysis and provide targeted feedback to improve the Steering Cognition of the client’s users.


As a result, we can reduce the social, emotional and cultural risks of poor decision making in schools and businesses alike at an earlier stage than equivalent existing indicators and measures.


Using our tools, schools have reduced mental health risks to pupils, and improved academic performance; businesses have reduced recruitment risks and improved leadership.

  • Human

    Steering cognition can help us preserve what makes our minds distinct from machines

  • Human Ecology

    Steering Cognition can improve the strength of social cohesion

  • Human Education

    Steering Cognition can help students compete against machines

  • Human Economy

    Steering Cognition may be able to reduce damaging risks to market stability

  • Human Enterprise

    Steering Cognition can improve the governance and productivity of business


  • Human Equity

    Steering Cognition can help improve social mobility

  • Human Essence

    Steering Cognition can make the footprint we leave on the world wiser